The BIM (Building Information Modeling & Management) methodology is a modern way of implementing construction projects consisting of:

  • creating an information model of a planned and implemented facility, which will be a virtual replica of a physical facility,
  • having an information model of the object with a database of “intelligent” and parametric BIM components, representing the real elements of the building / building, carrying information not only about their geometry and location, but also their behavior, physical parameters, mutual relations between them or dependencies.


Advantages of BIM:

  • minimizing design errors and risks at the design stage means avoiding costly claims and / or additional works at the construction stage,
  • the ability to aggregate and archive all information about the project,
  • optimizing the management of the facility after completion of construction



  • implementation
  • coordination
  • verification
  • analyzes and simulations
  • 3D scanning
  • GPRs and radiodetection
  • innovative geodesy
  • virtual reality