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We have extensive experience in performing the function of Contract Engineer / Substitute Investor. We provide comprehensive services including representing the investor, technical, economic, financial and legal advice, as well as controlling the course of the investment process with the use of modern IT tools.

Contractor / Open book

Construction projects based on “OPEN BOOKS”

  • Openness and transparency
  • One profit margin instead of hidden costs
  • Selection of subcontractors and purchase prices of products and equipment
  • Legal protection against claims
  • Full project documentation of the investment is available online

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Business plan / Feasibility study

We prepare application forms, including Business Plans / Feasibility Studies, both for public authorities financing projects (European Union funds) and private institutions (banks, investment funds).


The BIM (Building Information Modeling & Management) methodology is a modern way of implementing construction projects consisting of:

  • creating an information model of a planned and implemented facility, which will be a virtual replica of a physical facility,
  • having an information model of the object with a database of “intelligent” and parametric BIM components, representing the real elements of the building / building, carrying information not only about their geometry and location, but also their behavior, physical parameters, mutual relations between them or dependencies.


Advantages of BIM:

  • minimizing design errors and risks at the design stage means avoiding costly claims and / or additional works at the construction stage,
  • the ability to aggregate and archive all information about the project,
  • optimizing the management of the facility after completion of construction



  • implementation
  • coordination
  • verification
  • analyzes and simulations
  • 3D scanning
  • GPRs and radiodetection
  • innovative geodesy
  • virtual reality

Expert Reports

We provide technical, legal and economic expertise related to construction investments.
They may constitute material “for persuading” the other Party or constitute evidence in the case. Our team includes expert witness and appraisers.

Contract Management

We help in generating and securing evidence for claims, ensuring the fulfillment of contractual obligations, enforcing the obligations of the Client and Subcontractors, maintaining the best possible financial liquidity of the contract, monitoring contractual deadlines and scheduling investments.

Please take a look at the offer of our sister company, which specializes in contract administration and claims management:

Claim and risk management

The effectiveness of the claim procedure depends on compliance with the contractual terms and applicable law, in particular the timely fulfillment of formal and legal obligations contained in the contract. A properly conducted claim procedure enables dispute resolution under the contract, which leads to the limitation or elimination of costly and lengthy court proceedings. We have extensive experience in claims management, gained in the course of the implementation of road and rail investments, buildings and industrial facilities as well as water and sewage management.

Please take a look at the offer of our sister company, which specializes in contract administration and claims management:


We want to share our knowledge. We offer comprehensive training at the highest level. We guarantee lecturers with many years of teaching and practical experience. The staff of lecturers is not hired in terms of the subject of training, but comes from our organization. The trainings are of theoretical and workshop nature, with the theory supported by “real-life” examples.


We conduct trainings on all issues of the investment process, including:

  • implementation of investments based on FIDIC contract conditions,
  • co-financing from European Union sources,
  • investment process management,
  • risk and claims management,
  • contract administration,
  • changes in law, including construction law and public procurement law.